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    French Drain Contractors in Florida

    Why Use a French Drainage System?

    French drains are a fantastic solution to keep excess water away from your house foundation or your lawn. It is an underground draining system that channels standing water through a sloping perforated pipe and deliver it to a strategic location on your property.

    The tropical Florida climate and its rainy season can flood low spots around your home, which can lead to pooling rain water near your foundation or soggy, muddy spots in your yard. Not only is the water a huge hazard for your house, it is also a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

    How to Install a French Drain?

    Installing a french drain starts with excavating a sloped trench to channel unwanted water from one area to another. We recommend lining the trench with special drainage fabric. This is a crucial step to prevent the main pipe from clogging.

    The next step is to install the perforated PVC pipe along the trench and to cover it completely with rocks. Then, cover up the rocks with top soil and add new sod over it to conceal the entire drainage system.

    How Much Does it Cost To Install a French Drain?

    The cost of parts and labor will greatly vary based on your property and it’s current draining condition. How big is your yard, where is the water problem located and how far do we need to dig up a trench to channel unwanted water to a safe location?

    These factors will be determined by our team of foundation and waterproofing professionals. If you are located in South Florida between Port St Lucie and Fort Lauderdale, call us and schedule a free site inspection today.

    Does a French Drain Need Maintenance?

    One of the main advantages to french drainage systems is that they are low to no maintenance. While they can sometime clog up with debris, the fix is usually pretty simple and trouble free.

    Short of a drastic change in soil or a shift in the ground’s condition, your french drain should perform as intended without any additional maintenance.

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    Meet our founder, Nathan Brinkle. With 20+ years of experience as foundation repair specialists, our locally owned business has a team of insured and trained contractors ready to take on your drainage project in Southeast Florida.

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    Originally from the heart of the Midwest in Kansas City, MO, we bring our hardworking and trustworthy values all the way to Florida.

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    Our foundation and basement waterproofing services are recommended locally by Southeast Florida businesses and residents alike.

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